Mode Mobility is an engineering and design startup focusing on development of sustainable mobility solutions. Currently Mode Mobility is developing a line of battery-electric scooters as a sustainable solution for urban mobility.

The saga of Mode Mobility starts in October 2012 when the founders Shah Talha Sohail and Syed Najiullah Hussaini who were mechanical engineering students at the time joined the then Formula NUST Racing Team. During their 3 years with the team, the duo played a pivotal role in setting the strategic and technical direction of the team. While Shah Talha led the Marketing, Business, and Financial side of things, Najiullah oversaw the Engineering and Racing aspects. Shah Talha and Najiullah established a cohesive and dynamic work culture within the team which set it up for success.

After their Formula Student adventures, Shah Talha and Najiullah moved away from the NUST Formula Student Team to start their careers. Talha started a successful career in Marketing and Advertising within the Interactive Group of Companies, one of the principal sponsors of the NUST Formula Student Team. Shah Talha later co-founded an e-commerce company Trademor. Najiullah meanwhile went to Australia to pursue a master’s degree in automotive engineering, he remained involved in Formula Student in Australia as a participant as well as a judge. Upon completing his master’s degree, he returned to Pakistan and started a career as an academic and researcher. He has since been involved in numerous Research and Development projects within the automotive domain.

Despite leading successful careers, both Shah Talha and Najiullah kept yearning for the excitement and energy of their Formula Student days. Their shared passion for automotive design and their entrepreneurial spirit compelled them start a new venture together. They thoroughly analysed the Pakistani automotive industry; the mobility needs of the Pakistani society and the global trends in automotive design and engineering. They set up Mode Mobility in late 2019 with the aim of sustainably meeting mobility needs of the Pakistani society as well as those of other countries like Pakistan.

Soon after the idea of Mode Mobility had crystalized, the world was thrown into a tailspin by the COVID-19 pandemic. Shah Talha and Najiullah were soon joined by Shayan Mahmud as Co-Founder bringing with him rich entrepreneurial experience. 2020 was a year filled with crises and personal losses for the co-founders like so many people across the globe. However, driven by passion, the co-founders kept chipping away at the idea and were soon joined by other like-minded team members. Today Mode Mobility is poised to launch a line of Battery-Electric scooter and motorcycles aimed at urban users.

    Our Team

  • Shah Talha Sohail
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Shah Talha is a co-founder and the CEO of Mode Mobility. Talha holds a degree in mechanical engineering from NUST Pakistan and has a rich experience in Marketing, Advertising and Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about product design and motorsports. Talha is responsible for formulating business strategy and oversees the operations at Mode Mobility.

  • Najiullah Hussaini
    Co-Founder & CPO

    Najiullah is a Co-Founder & CPO at Mode Mobility. He is trained as a Mechanical Engineer and an Automotive Engineer from NUST Pakistan and RMIT University Australia. He is also an academic and researcher focussed on Vehicle Structures and Vehicle Dynamics. Najiullah has a lifelong passion for automotive design and motorsport which was his principal motivation for founding Mode Mobility. He is responsible for formulating product strategy and supervises the product design and engineering teams.

  • Shayan Mahmud

    Shayan is one of the co-founder of Mode Mobility. He has a background in Digital Marketing and Media and has been featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list. He has a diverse portfolio of startups that he founded and holds managing positions in several companies including Eikon 7, Trademor and ProPakistani. Shayan brings with him expertise in business intelligence and strategic planning.

  • Salman Aftab
    Automotive Design Lead

    Salman is a passionate and prolific automotive designer. He is trained from NUST Pakistan and Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan. He has received training from world-renown designers from Lamborghini, Ducati, and Genesis. Salman Leads the Automotive Design team at Mode Mobility; additionally, he assists with Graphics and Communications design. Salman is also the principal designer of most of the vehicles planned for launch in 2022.

  • Syed Zuhair Abbas
    Product Design Lead

    Zuhair Abbas brings with him a rich experience in product design; his design portfolio includes toys, furniture, vehicles, and a variety of other products. He has also worked as an academic and his research focus is human-centric design. Zuhair is a design consultant and mentor at Mode Mobility. He is also the principal designer for one of Mode’s premium electric scooters planned to be launched soon.

  • Faizan Khan
    CAE Lead

    Faizan is a mechanical engineer with a keen interest in engineering design. He has previously led numerous automotive projects. His area of interest is Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). Faizan is the Lead CAE engineer at Mode Mobility

  • Hina Talha
    Brand Designer

    Hina is a brand designer with a passion for perfection and a keen eye for details. She has worked as an art director and has successfully established visual identities for several leading brands. Hina leads the branding team at Mode Mobility.

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